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My nature’s of an introverted kind
Yet with the traits of an extrovert, it’s twined.
I never come undone with not a like mind
Yet in my works my features you can find.

My given name bears no eccentric mist.
It’s from Germanic “ermen” takes its gist.
My age, as once Gerthrude Stein did say,
Remains the same inside from day to day.

My occupation easily one may guess,
If take my works and thoroughly assess.
In academic settings take their place
Eleven of my twenty-seven plays.

My love for earnestness eternally competes
With tries to pet you with humorous treats.
Each story could be true just as it reads.
With books in hands, you are in ringside seats.

My passions? Aw, so many, hard to say!
I hardly can describe the wide array.
Protagonists of books could better say.
But, warning, that might take you not one day.

By pieces from each page like scattered seeds
You’ll pick my looks, my character, and deeds.
Each story through my soul to your heart leads.
My life you can assemble just like beads.

Anabelle Leigh (Emma Morton)

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